Training Courses and Seminars

red chairs trainingStrategy Bridge seminars and courses examine the nature of the project environment and address the role of the project manager and systems engineer in changing project outcomes. Our courses provide attendees the opportunity to examine and apply the critical competencies necessary for consistent project success. The course structure creates an environment for student-centered learning through the use of formal case studies, student-developed cases, practical exercises, and simulated project situations. Rather than a passive listening experience, Strategy Bridge courses require that students actively evaluate materials and determine the cause and effect and the lessons learned from each situation. Students then consolidate the lessons learned into principles for the creation of processes, tools, and techniques that apply to their specific needs.

The Strategy Bridge approach to course delivery relies on techniques proven effective in teaching working managers in both Government and Industry. Where feasible, our approach is to build upon our existing portfolio of instructional materials, augmenting and tailoring the materials for the uniqueness of our clients and their requirements. When client requirements dictate new course development, our experienced course developers apply the Instructional System Design (ISD) methodology to craft courses that address the four recognized adult learning styles: reflective, active, abstract and concrete. Case studies, exercises, and discussions supplement any lecture-based course in order to create a multi-dimensional learning environment.