Core Competencies

Strategic Management

Facilitation/Collaboration/Decsion Analysis

Strategy Bridge works closely with clients to assess their current plans and systems, and develop sustainable processes to ensure that strategy is effectively executed, now and in the future. We facilitate client leadership teams, guiding them to conceive, select and prioritize goals and objectives optimized to cascade throughout their enterprise. Additionally, we help clients conceive actionable metrics designed to evaluate and gauge progress toward outcomes.

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Systems Engineering 

Staff Core Competency Skills Development

Our professional Systems Engineering and Project Management core competency development offerings help build the critical skills of an organization's most critical and valuable resource - its people. Our courses provide the foundational and the expert skills needed to respond successfully to today's environmental shifts.

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Project Management and Support 

Enterprise Program and Project Planning and Execution 

Strategy Bridge helps project teams formulate appropriate strategies and rapidly develop, integrate and manage the systems and processes necessary to meet pressing project or organization objectives. We can assist clients during any project phase, or throughout the entire project life cycle, in applying systems thinking, systems engineering, and effective project management techniques to ensure our clients achieve thier desired project results. 

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