Systems Engineering Training

Why build your team's core competency skills?

network trainingDuring project execution, better solutions, improved processes, or new insights reduce the cost of execution and increase solution quality. Having a team that is well versed with systems engineering and project management concepts teams offers exposure to best practices and alternatives while making critical decisions and strengthens the execution of a project. Simply, the ability to apply the rigor and discipline of systems engineering yields the predictable and consistent quality necessary for successful projects.

Our courses

Our courses examine the nature of the project environment and address the role of the, project manager, systems engineer, and the leadership executive in changing project outcomes. We design our courses around key systems engineering and project management concepts and tailor the material specifically to our clients’ needs and experience base. For example, do your systems engineers understand the fundamentals, but need to further develop their competency level and not yet ready for advance, graduate-level courses? We can – and have – developed courses to accommodate the “beyond fundamentals” level that are guaranteed increase level of skills and core competencies of working systems engineers and project managers. Regardless of initial competency levels, attendees of our courses are provided an opportunity to examine and apply the critical competencies and organizational factors necessary for consistent project success.

Systems Engineering Training Topics

  • Agile Development
  • Decision Analysis
  • Requirements Management
  • Risk Management
  • Trade Study Analysis
  • Software/IT Engineering
  • Systems Architecture
  • Systems Engineering Concepts (from Fundamentals to Advanced)