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Strategy Bridge

A Systems Approach to Accelerating Innovation.

We help clients think strategically to improve their bottom-line results.

Bridging the gap between strategy and results

Strategic Management

We help clients develop and execute effective strategy at all levels

Systems Engineering

Our core expertise in applied systems engineering can help you build teams that make better decisions.

Project Management

We help project teams rapidly develop, integrate and manage the systems and processes necessary to meet pressing project or organization objectives.

Our Clients

U.S. Army
BAE Systems
Bureau of Reclamation - U.S. Department of the Interior
L3 Communications
Lockheed Martin
U. S. Navy

Strategy Bridge’s Quick Reference Series provides useful tips and tools in a pocket guide that you can take with you anywhere!

Strategic Thinking Primer pocket guide

Collect the Whole Library:

  • Essential Elements of Project Management
  • Guide to Effective Decision Making
  • Systems Engineering: A Pocket Guide to Definitions, Approaches and Best Practices
  • Strategic Thinking Primer
  • Systems Engineering Glossary

Strategy Bridge is featuring our Strategic Thinking Primer.

This guide provides insight into the strategic thinking process and reviews some of our favorite strategic thinking tools.

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Enterprise Resource Allocation

The Situation
A U.S. Intelligence Community agency was faced with executing a comprehensive capital improvement program to address its aging facilities in a declining budgetary environment.

The Strategy Bridge Solution
Strategy Bridge provided advice and expert facilitation to assist the government team establish a collaborative decision process designed to efficiently reach traceable decisions based on sound, transparent decision criteria.