Strategic Planning Off Site


Industry: Government / Technology Sectors
Capability: Strategic Planning – Focused, Short-term Support to Guide Initial Strategic Planning Sessions

The Situation
Our Government client’s leadership team required short term strategic planning assistance in planning for and conducting a strategic planning off site. Our client’s leadership team was relatively new to the strategic planning process and was unsure on where to start and how to conduct an effective strategic offsite with their larger team.

They did not have any available internal resources to help guide them through the process, nor could they afford to lose time to a process that did not provide tangible results.

The Strategy Bridge Solution
The Strategy Bridge facilitator worked with the client to provide short term strategic planning consulting services to kick start the strategic planning process. The facilitator developed a structured approach to provide the strategy leadership coaching, strategy analysis and off site facilitation in order to understand the strategic planning needs and to assess the current state of the organization in order to move forward quickly and efficiently. The first step was to interview the key leaders and stakeholders in order to prepare a suitable strategy workshop plan with relevant analysis on current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Next a detailed workshop agenda was developed to address the strategic focus areas of the off site. The off site was conducted and the facilitator managed the group dynamics and assisted the workshop participants to converge on an agreed strategy. A summary of the outcomes was provided to the leadership team so that they could move forward as an organization with their strategic intent.

The Outcome
Within two months, the client was successfully prepared to move forward with strategy implementation. The leadership team and stakeholders had assessed and analyzed their current situation and come to consensus on their strategic plan. Consensus played an important role in the success of this initiative, since all team members were on board and steering the organization in the same direction. With a shared vision, the leadership team was able to obtain commitment to follow through on the outlined strategies.

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