How is Strategic Thinking Tied to Project Success?

Systems Engineers, Program and Project Managers are taught to establish formal structures and processes, and they manage in an environment framed by detailed schedules and specifications. This tactical orientation may optimize the short-term outcomes of an individual project, but often ignores the long-term impact of project decisions on the strategic goals of the parent organization. Effective strategic thinking shifts leaders’ focus from managing tasks to managing how the outcome of the project affects the larger enterprise strategy. We posit that looking at everything in a larger context (systems thinking), and viewing how things work together to optimize the total result rather than optimizing individual components can lead to successful project results. Strategic thinking forms a logical foundation on which to define solution outcomes in an enterprise context.

Strategy Bridge facilitators and instructors are adept at working with clients to help them take a step back from the pressing issues of today to focus on planning needs for the future. We offer training that demonstrates the benefit of strategic thinking, and we also provide consulting services to help you develop a systems framework for your project or organization that addresses planning for the future. Implementing tactical imperatives and decision-making based on strategic thinking can help a project succeed.

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