Scenario Planning

Considering your organization’s response to future situations can be overwhelming when facing the pressing issues of today. However, planning for potential upturns or downturns can help organizations respond more quickly in a crisis and are part of a sound strategic planning process.

How can scenario planning help? By considering situations that seem improbable, the imagination can be stretched beyond the usual boundaries and new ways of thinking can reveal alternative, creative approaches to solving problems. These approaches can be adapted to present circumstances or can help jump start responses to critical changes in the environment.

Consider these “what if” scenarios and how they might affect your organization’s future:

  • What if your budget was reduced by 50%?
  • What if your competition introduced a new technology that made your product obsolete?
  • What if you developed a new patent that would change the trajectory of your company?
  • What if your budget was doubled?
  • What if___________???

Strategy Bridge facilitators can help your organization develop your “what if” scenarios as part of an overarching strategic planning process.

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