Strategic Planning

Successful 21st century leaders understand that strategic planning is a continual process of assessing current reality, deciding future direction, implementing specific decisions to shape the future, and monitoring progress. A strategic plan provides not only direction and a scope of activities, but a context for understanding why those activities are important. Taking specific steps to shape the future, rather than being satisfied with reacting to the decisions of others, is the essence of strategic management.

Few among us can reliably predict the future, but planning for the future helps us shape that future. Because the cycle time for “change” is fast and accelerating, strategic plans lose their relevancy over time unless they are reviewed and updated. Strategic plans cannot tell us exactly what to do, rather they provide a logical foundation upon which to shape the future of the organization, along with relevant performance guideposts.

Effective strategic plans are:

  • Flexible
  • Concise and simple to understand
  • Designed to execute at all levels of the organization
  • Created and supported by leadership

Strategic plans are only words and good intentions. Senior leaders must invest time, energy and funds to realize the goals and objectives described in the plan. Allocating resources and implementing the appropriate enterprise operating models support the execution phase of the strategic planning process; it is the execution, or “making it happen,” that bridges the gap between words and results.

Strategy Bridge can help you plan and orchestrate your strategic management process to bring clarity, focus, creativity, and closure to your teams’ decisions. Working closely with your leadership team we help you:

  • Conceive, select and prioritize project portfolios optimized to cascade your strategic goals throughout all levels of your enterprise
  • Assess current systems and performance
  • Develop effective systems and processes through which strategy may be effectively executed
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