Why is an effective decision process necessary?

The ability to make defensible, traceable decisions quickly and efficiently is a core management skill. An effective decision process requires thorough planning, sound use of appropriate analytic and intuitive techniques, and skilled facilitation of group collaboration. Knowing how to think about decisions and to structure them in a way that important decisions can be made appropriately advances the progress of an organization’s goals and objectives.

Drawing from the disciplines of psychology, probability and decision theory, our seasoned professionals guide client teams through the process of:

  • Framing decisions in an appropriate context.
  • Generating creative alternatives.
  • Evaluating those alternatives in multiple dimensions.
  • Using proven decision-making techniques to reach a final choice.

Our facilitated workshops that address effective decision-making include:

  • Collaborative Decision-Making
  • Effective Decision-Making
  • Engineering Trade Study
  • Team Interventions and Mediation
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