Why is Governance Important?

governanceGovernance is the coordinating mechanism to achieve balance and alignment among stakeholders in order to create desired outcomes. Balance must be achieved between strategy (vision and intent), leadership (influencing people), and management (controlling resources and processes). But Governance is broader than organizational structuring, it not only establishes the rules for working together, but it also drives behaviors and decision-making.

Changes in the work environment are compelling reasons to establish a Governance structure if you don’t have one, or to reexamine your current Governance structure if you do have one. In preparing for a
successful future consider how these environmental changes might influence your governance structure:

  • It is a challenge to effectively legislate behavior with the new generation of workers.
  • Information explosion –means that more and more knowledge is accessible.
  • The world is smaller where everything is connected.
  • Communication is more complex than in the past.
  • Differing cultural expectations among different organizations must be resolved.

Strategy Bridge facilitators are adept at working with clients to create a governance structure that is compatible with their unique cultures and business imperatives. We are experienced with the challenges of creating a workable governance structure and can guide clients through those challenges. Our process is to facilitate discussions with the leadership team and then develop draft governance structures that the team then refines into a structure they can agree on and own.

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