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Program Planning and Facilitation

Industry: Government/Technology Sector
Capability: Program Planning and Facilitation

The Situation
A U.S. Government client was responsible for a multi-faceted effort to build an infrastructure and associated analytic tools to incorporate sophisticated weather
information with the next generation air traffic control system. Our client, in collaboration with federal and industry partners, sought to transform aviation weather services through the successful implementation of this program.

The Strategy Bridge Solution
Strategy Bridge worked with the client to understand their needs within the context of a multi-day program planning activity. We then designed and facilitated a
tailored program planning workshop to help the client to build a cohesive program team and an executable plan with tangible program artifacts and information that convinced management and stakeholders of the decisions and actions necessary for successful program outcomes.

Strategy Bridge project management and systems engineering consultants provided the necessary expertise and coaching to enable the client's program team develop the following essential program artifacts during a tightly facilitated week:
  • Functional Requirements List and associated verification and validation strategies
  • Program Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) illustrating the physical architecture of the system solution
  • Government Master Schedule
  • Initial Risk Management Identification Matrix (Top Risks List)
  • Program Roles & Responsibilities Matrix
  • Program Team Management Approach (program code of conduct)
  • Draft Program Communications Plan
The Impact
At the end of the four-day offsite, our facilitators brought the team to consensus on an executable Project Plan and the way forward to implement it. We documented the Project Plan and the findings and distributed them in electronic and hardcopy after the offsite. Our client implemented the recommended program plan and continues to execute from the tangible program artifacts developed at the strategic planning offsite.