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Executive Coaching

Industry: Government/Technology/Nonprofit Sectors
Capability: Executive Coaching

The Situation
Our client’s senior leadership team required an executive development process to accelerate their collective and individual success. The leadership team members were accomplished subject matter experts with engineering, technical, and military backgrounds, but were relatively new to their roles as business executives. The senior leader recognized that individual coaching for her team members could help them develop into more effective executive managers. The need was urgent as several strategically important projects were lagging behind. Recognizing the inherent limitations of internal coaching, the senior manager reached out to Strategy Bridge to provide external executive coaching to her leadership team.

The Strategy Bridge Solution
The Strategy Bridge certified executive coach worked with the client to provide executive coaching to the leadership team. The coach provided each member of the team with a ProfileXT assessment of their individual learning styles, behaviors, and aptitudes. The coach also provided the senior manager with a team assessment and leadership tips based on the individual assessments. The coach then met bi-weekly with each team member in confidential, individual, one-hour coaching sessions over a three-month period to assist each manager in formulating their own action plan to improve individual and team performance. A summary of the outcomes was provided to the senior manager and leadership team as a group so that they could improve as a high performing executive team.

The Outcome
Within three months, the client saw a vast turnaround in the positive engagement and effectiveness of her team. Key projects were now ahead of schedule. Team morale and communications were improved. Each member of the leadership team took stock of their individual contributions and strengths and developed an individual plan to improve and sustain their individual business acumen, leadership skills and teamwork.