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Facilitating Decision Meetings

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Industry: Government/Technology Sectors
Capability: Facilitating Decision Meetings

The Situation
Many of our clients from commercial and government sectors need external, professional facilitators to guide leadership and project teams to an effective decision set.

The Strategy Bridge Solution 
A good decision process requires thorough planning, sound use of appropriate analytic and intuitive techniques, and skilled facilitation of group collaboration. We work with client teams to help them plan and execute important meetings to bring clarity, focus, creativity and closure to team decisions. Our Master Facilitators apply their experience, leadership wisdom, domain expertise, and exceptional interpersonal, listening and communication skills to plan for success, listen effectively, diagnose group challenges on the fly, and intervene at just the right time to produce effective results. We guide client teams through the process of framing decisions in an appropriate context, generating creative alternatives, evaluating those alternatives in multiple dimensions, and using proven decision-making techniques to reach a final choice.

The Outcome
The response to our facilitated decision meetings is exceptionally positive. Leaders of global organizations say they could not have achieved the same level of success without Strategy Bridge’s facilitators helping guide discussions, synthesizing information and bringing the group to consensus so that decisions could be made and implemented with full team support. Experiencing the positive results of a facilitated meeting has motivated our clients to return to Strategy Bridge for additional facilitated sessions.