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Facilitating Objective Teams


Industry: Government / Technology Sectors
Capability: Strategic Planning – Facilitating Objective Teams

The Situation
Our Government client’s leadership team developed goals and objectives during their planning cycle. They looked to Strategy Bridge to facilitate and mentor the objective (action) teams responsible for developing recommendations against the strategic objective assigned to them.

The Strategy Bridge Solution 
The Strategy Bridge team worked with each of the objective teams during the development phase of the planning cycle. A facilitator worked with each objective team lead to structure an approach to the meetings and the task, and then a kick off meeting was held. The teams each developed a charter that identified their tasks, their deliverables, their roles and responsibilities, their commitment to each other, and their schedule. This charter became their “contract” with the leadership team. We then facilitated objective team meetings to help the teams develop implementable recommendations.

The Outcome 
At the conclusion of the development phase of the strategic planning cycle, each of the teams developed actionable recommendations and briefed them to the leadership team at an off site. The leadership team was impressed by the creative and innovative ideas generated from the teams, and many of the recommendations were approved for implementation. This moved the strategic planning cycle from vision, planning and developing into implementation and operations. The team was ready to begin the planning cycle again, energized by the progress made in the previous year.