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Leadership Programs

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Industry: Government/Technology Sectors
Capability: Leadership Programs

The Situation
We have numerous clients who require a leadership training to provide the skills enhancement that their current and prospective leaders need to lead the workforce in the future. 

The Strategy Bridge Solution 
Our leadership programs equip client participants with the self-awareness and people skills necessary to accomplish challenging tasks and achieve breakthrough results. Participants gain skills in: building trust, empowering others, providing feedback, and managing the conflicts. Participants also gain an understanding of the key attributes of high performance teams and how they are reinforced and challenged by their organization’s strategy, business context, and work environment. In developing a leadership program, the traits of leadership are explored at individual, project and organizational levels. 

The Outcome
Our clients rely on Strategy Bridge to design and facilitate leadership programs to augment their career development programs. We have facilitated seminars and workshops at a specific client location as well as at their multiple national locations, bringing consistency of message across their organization. Our leadership program is applicable to new and promising leaders as well as those who are responsible for programs ranging from $20-100 million, and more.