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Earned Value Management

Task chart

Industry: Technology Sectors
Capability: Earned Value Management

The Situation
An industry client won a contract that required an ANSI-748 Earned Value Management certification as a condition of execution. The client desired implementation of a system consistent with their current tools and practices that provided usability as well as certification.

The Strategy Bridge Solution 
Strategy Bridge worked with the client to understand their needs within the context of an EVM certification. This resulted in the implementation of an earned value system that both supported project management needs and satisfied the certification requirements. The process began with finalization of a system description responsive to ANSI-748 requirements and corporate management needs. Staff training combined insights and techniques necessary for project success with the capability to complete the certification process. Guidance provided during development of the project plan initiated integrated processes that became the corporate standard for project execution and successful completion of integrated baseline reviews. The process completed with leadership during preparation and completion of the certification review that successfully dealt with the customer experts and resulted in certification at two corporate locations.

The Outcome
On completion of the review process, Strategy Bridge support continued for the application of the system to additional projects and their successful execution. The implemented system became the standard for application within the corporate group.