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Core Competencies

Strategic Management

Facilitation / Collaboration / Decision Analysis


Staff Competency

Project Management

Enterprise Program and Project Planning and Execution

Strategic Management

Strategy Bridge works closely with clients to assess their current plans and systems, and develop sustainable processes to ensure that strategy is effectively executed, now and in the future. We facilitate client leadership teams, guiding them to conceive, select and prioritize goals and objectives optimized to cascade throughout their enterprise. Additionally, we help clients conceive actionable metrics designed to evaluate and gauge progress toward outcomes.

Applying a Systems Thinking Model to Strategic Planning

A sound strategy is no guarantee of success. Success in today's complex business environment demands execution, and the best organizations integrate systems and processes throughout their extended enterprise to consistently produce superior results. Many organizations often struggle to link strategy development with effective strategy execution. However, systematic strategic planning provides not only the direction and a scope of activities and projects, but a context for understanding why those activities and projects are important to the organization.

Our Services

We offer our clients a number of agile solutions to suit their unique requirements. We can provide seminars, facilitated workshops, and focused consulting to guide strategy and systems development, project planning, and decision-making.
  • Facilitated Workshops
  • Goals and Objectives Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Strategic Planning/Mission/Vision
  • Systems Thinking Seminars
“Many thanks for your commitment… please know how truly appreciative I am of your dedication to a cause 'above and beyond the call."
Senior Executive, Major Federal Agency
"Your impact was phenomenal – we clearly wouldn’t have been ready without you and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it."
Senior Corporate Executive, BAE Systems

Systems Engineering Training

Our professional Systems Engineering and Project Management competency development offerings help build the critical skills of an organization's most critical and valuable resource - its people. Our courses provide the foundational and the expert skills needed to respond successfully to today's environmental shifts.

Why build your team's competency skills?

Systems engineering rigor yields more predictable, consistent results that can reduce costs and increase solution quality. Having a team that is well-versed in systems engineering and project management concepts and best practices enables better decision making leading to better project outcomes.

Systems Engineering Training

Our Courses

Our courses examine the nature of the project environment and address the role of the, project manager, systems engineer, and executive leadership in changing project outcomes. We design our courses around key systems engineering and project management concepts and tailor the material specifically to our clients’ needs and experience base. We can – and have – developed courses tailored to the “beyond fundamentals” level for experienced, working systems engineers and project managers. Our courses provide an opportunity to examine and apply critical competencies necessary for consistent project success.

Systems Engineering
Training Topics

  • Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Systems Engineering
  • Requirements Definition and Management
  • Concept and Architecture Development
  • Integration, Verification and Validation
  • Cost Estimating for Systems Engineers
  • Decision Analysis: The Art of the Trade Study
  • Navigating Program and Project Complexity
  • Negotiating Skills for Systems Engineers
  • Principles of Risk Management
  • Systems Engineering for Innovation
  • Systems Thinking for Project Success
"I truly believe that I will be a better Systems Engineer because of the enlightenment I have received in this class. I also believe I will be better prepared for the move into management..."
Senior Systems Engineer, L-3 Communications
"I enjoyed our class tremendously. Your real world experience [made the] material...jump off the page and come to life."
Systems Engineer, Major Aerospace and Government Contractor

Project Management Consulting and Training

Strategy Bridge helps project teams formulate appropriate strategies and rapidly develop, integrate and manage the systems and processes necessary to meet pressing project or organization objectives. We can assist clients during any project phase, or throughout the entire project life cycle, in applying systems thinking, systems engineering, and effective project management techniques to ensure our clients achieve thier desired project results.

Do your most complex projects and programs need expert guidance?

Strategy Bridge consultants provide honest, independent advice to your most challenging organizational systems. When a program or project is in trouble, Strategy Bridge consultants apply proven project management experience, facilitation techniques, and expert coaching to help teams assess challenges, build effective solutions and quickly get the project back on track. Starting with a sometimes brutally objective bottom line assessment, we move to help teams build a plan and convince stakeholders of the reality of the decisions necessary for a successful outcome.

Strategy Bridge provides expert consultants for both targeted, limited engagements and longer-term staff augmentation for planning, implementing and managing enterprise programs, systems and projects. We can offer support through a variety of delivery mechanisms, from facilitated project workshops to dedicated technical support. Our consultants are well versed and have proven track records in effective project management. Strategy Bridge understands the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA) and can support the development of plans and portfolio reviews, as well as provide training.

Long Term Consulting

  • Acquisition Planning
  • Contract Advisory and Assistance Services/Systems Engineering
  • Technical Assistance (CAAS/SETA)
  • Process Improvement Implementation
  • Program Operations and Management
  • Project Portfolio Management

Short Term Consulting

  • Earned Value Management
  • Enhanced professional development
  • Project Kick-off workshops
  • Project Rescue workshops
  • Process Improvement
  • Technical trade studies and analysis of alternatives
  • Testing and Validation Analysis

Project Management Training Topics

  • Agile Project Environment
  • Applied Project Management
  • Earned Value Management
  • Integrated Baseline Reviews
  • Negotiation Skills for Project Managers
  • Project Cost and Economics
  • Project Measurement Techniques
  • Recovering Troubled Projects
  • Risk Management
  • The Effective Project Manager
"If [Strategy Bridge Consultant] hadn't been here, we simply couldn't have gotten this [multi-billion] acquisition done on schedule!"
Senior Executive, Intelligence Community Agency
"Thank you for teaching us the Strategic Thinking for Project Success class. It was excellent and your past experience stories really resonated with me. Now I know who to call if I need help during a re-org to get everyone in sync, or I'm trying to save a project in trouble!"
Manager, Project Management NASA